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I'm always amazed at how far mobile technology has come in such a short space of time. In particular I've seen some stunning examples of phone graphics recently that have simply blown me away.

If you're the sort of person who likes to be at the cutting edge of technology then Vsbenchmark provides a handy way of checking how the graphical performance of your Pocket PC matches up against other handsets. The free software puts your mobile through a series of five different tests, then allows you to compare it with others online.

The tests put your mobile through its paces in a number of different ways. For instance, it measures how your device performs when playing games, looks at text scrolling speeds,and how quickly graphics are displayed. It will then generate a report, which it does fairly quickly.

At first glance, these stats will probably mean absolutely nothing to you, but thankfully Vsbenchmark comes with an online element where you can compare your phone's performance with that of other devices. You can even submit your own scores if you're feeling proud of your mobile at the end of the testing process.

Though the app offers no practical way of improving the performance of your PPC, it makes for a nice way of comparing it with other devices.

Vsbenchmark 2006 is a free graphic benchmark that test your graphic performance device and compare it with other models. Vsbenchmark boost the limit of the classic 2D graphics with the last visual effect technologies. Vsbenchmark 2006 automatically generate graphics files with your result.

Test your PPC's graphics capabilities with this remarkable tool.

Vsbenchmark 2007


Vsbenchmark 2007 1.20

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